Volans ICO Review

This financial platform is decentralized and facilitates credit payment systems. The VOL token can be used for various purposes such as to facilitate the process of payment for buying goods and services and make other transactions like bill payments.

About the Platform

Volans ICOThis platform aims to have various modules for every section and functionality. It will also have a digital wallet that can easily store ERC 20 and Bitcoin tokens on the blockchain. It will also have other types of modules that will be made to facilitate the encrypted cryptocurrency as well as other transactions of fiat currency. The participants can use a Volans debit card in order to buy goods and services and will provide an option for internal exchange as well so that the users can buy fiat currency as well as cryptocurrency directly.

Main Features of Volans

Loyalty Program

There is a Volans loyalty program which is developed to reward the active members on the platform. Users who have the greatest number of transactions through this platform will be able to get discounts and avail promotional offers in the future as well.

Credit Card

There is a limit that can be shown through the Volans credit rating through which users can make transactions with the cryptocurrency assets they have borrowed through their balance.

Credit Rating

There is a credit rating for all the users on the Volans platform. The credit rating can be available publicly. In fact, this is the first and only platform and a decentralized system where the users’ credit scores can be accessed.

How Does This System Help?

There are not many platforms where users can use their fiat as well as crypto currency interchangeably. Most users also find it hard to buy and sell their cryptocurrency after they have obtained it due to the various regulations placed on cryptocurrencies in many countries. In fact, many countries even view them as illegal, leading to volatility in their prices.

Volans gives the user a chance to make use of their cryptocurrency by mimicking the use of traditional credit card systems through the blockchain technology, which makes the transactions efficient and faster. The platform provides a new way of using cryptocurrency by facilitating a transactional system so that cryptocurrencies can be used freely like other currencies.

About the Volans ICO

  • Accepted tokens: ETH
  • Price: 1 VOL = US $0.45

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